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How To Ensure Your Students Pass Those End Of Year Exams

That time of year is coming where school is almost over and the final exams and tests are approaching! Both teachers anticipate this time of the year all school-year long yet dread it at the same time. No one likes to take tests and exams…

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Being a Success in the Classroom

When talking about being successful in the classroom you would say things like; “the students are attentive and engaged,” “learning is taking place”, or maybe even that “the students are having fun.” Being successful in the classroom varies among teachers since the majority of them…

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Why Become A Teacher

Ever considered becoming a teacher? If so, here are 9 reasons from the UNC-BEST to encourage you further that teaching is the profession is for you.
  • Experience the Joy of Making a Difference
    Teachers get incredible joy…

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Masters or Not, Does it Pay?

Looking to get a master’s degree in education? Wondering if it will pay off in the long run? Is it worth acquiring? The answer is no. According to an article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal in 2013, a report showed that a trend…

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Sleep Deprivation & Teaching

Most people think teachers have a great job because they are only working while they are in the classroom but those people have never been more wrong.  The average teacher is reported to sleep six hours a night according to research.  Teachers have to create…

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Tips to Help Teachers Prevent Bullying

Tips to Help Teachers Prevent Bullying
Teachers have an incredible amount of responsibility lying on their shoulders.  They must educate tomorrow’s leaders and in doing so, they must make sure that the classroom and playground are safe and bully-free.  There has been much publicity…

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Why don’t they want to read?

Do you dread the time of day for your class to start reading? If you look closely you will see that your readers who find reading a breeze are typically the ones that don’t moan and groan when it is reading time. A student’s motivation…

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10 Ways to Reach Students in Your Classroom

  1. Encourage Communication: Communication is key! Do you want them to listen to you? You need to learn how to communicate with them most effectively, as well as have them communicate respectively with one another. Make it a point to listen and respond…

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8 Ways to Get to Know Your New Class

  1. Coat of Arms: Have students create a coat of arms that displays who they are and what they are interested in; favorite subjects, sports, hobbies and skills, family and pets, places they’ve visited, etc. Not only do they get to list their…

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