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New Year, New You- Keeping Your Resolutions

At the beginning of a new year, teachers, just like everyone else, make new resolutions. Most of the time those resolutions include more private concerns such as exercising more, eating better, losing weight, trying new things, etc. However, the New…

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Helpful Tips for Lesson Planning

As the year ticks by, it seems like teachers have more and more added to their plate. Planning for a lesson can be so stressful especially when it comes to preparing for tests and projects. The curriculum gets harder and so does your schedule. With the last…

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Time for Thanksgiving

This time of year can really get the best of you. With the end of the semester coming, you know there are so many deadlines to meet and little minds to grow before you all part for the holidays. To…

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Pump-kin it Up!

It’s October and you know what that means… Halloween! What a fun time of year for all ages. We know that students are fired up about everything that comes along with this holiday. From costumes, to spooky stories to pumpkins, there is so much joy…

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Checking It Off the List

As teachers, and normal people, we often joke about the "things college never taught us". From organizational techniques to classroom management systems, teaching can get overwhelming.

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Keep Those Classrooms Clean!

Classroom Maintenance For Teachers
Schools across the country are opening up again excited for a brand new year. Your classroom has been cleaned and freshened up to look nice for all the new students that will be coming…

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How to Get the Most of Reading Time

Reading time in the classroom has its perks. The room is finally quiet, and the teacher can breathe. The children are allowed to get lost in their book as they read about adventures or historical events. Utopia! But wait... not so fast, what about those…

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Why Enter An Alternative Teaching Certification Program?

Do you feel passionate about the knowledge and share that knowledge with a new generation but don’t have a degree in teaching? Good news! Alternative teacher certifications are available for those who want to enter the education field that who do not have a degree…

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Qualities of an Effective Teacher

Every teacher is different. No one teaches the same, each teacher has a different style of teaching. However, there are qualities that many teacher share.

According to Stanford’s Teaching Commons, the qualities of an effective teacher include:


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