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Tips for Being a Successful Teacher Back

Are you a brand-new teacher and are looking for the keys to becoming a successful teacher? Being successful in the classroom varies among teachers because they tend to use different styles and methods. However, like in most aspects of life, it’s all about your attitude and approach. Just think about it! What traits would you want your teacher to have? Here’s six of them that we sure would:
  • Sense of Humor: A sense of humor is always a great tool to have! With it you will be able to relieve tense classroom situations before they become classroom disruptions. Not only that, you will be more likely to make your class more enjoyable for the students and hopefully make them pay attention and look forward to attending your class. Most importantly, having a sense of humor will allow you to see and experience the joys in life, making your life and career a happier, stress-free one!
  • Positive Attitude: Just like a sense of humor, a positive attitude can lead to great outcomes! As you may know you are thrown many curve balls in the teaching profession. Having a positive attitude can help you cope with these hurdles in the best possible way!
  • High Expectations: Any effective teacher has high expectations. As a teacher, you should always strive to raise the bar for your students. The less effort that you expect, the less effort you will receive.
  • Consistency: A key factor in creating a positive learning environment is consistency. Your students should know what to expect when entering the classroom. Students will more likely engage in classrooms where the rules and lessons remain consistent rather than constantly changing.
  • Fairness: How is this different from consistency? A consistent teacher is the same person day to day whereas a fair teacher treats students equally. For example, students complain of unfairness when teachers treat one gender or group of students differently. It would be terribly unfair to go easier on the football players in a class than on the cheerleaders. Students pick up on this so quickly, so be careful of being labelled unfair.
  • Flexibility: One of the tenets of teaching should be that everything is in a constant state of change. Interruptions and disruptions are the norm and very few days are 'typical'. Therefore, a flexible attitude is important not only for your stress level but also for your students who expect you to be in charge and take control of any situation.
There are many things that go into being a successful teacher. We hope these tips will have you feeling more confident than ever in the classroom.

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