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Fun Activities for Valentine’s Day Back

Valentine’s Day is a holiday dedicated to love and friendship. At schools, it is chaos fueled by various candies and other sweets. Your students are likely to be hyper and may have trouble focusing on lesson plans that are too in depth. Here are a few fun Valentine’s inspired lesson plans that your students will love.
·        Friendship notes. Have your students draw a classmate’s name out of a jar and have them write a note to them. They can write something general like a compliment or all the things they admire about the person they chose. Once everyone completes their notes, they can be handed out by students, or given to the teacher and handed out anonymously. Have your students get more creative by decorating their notes or drawing a picture to go along with it.
·        Story time. Gather your students and read a story all about friendship or love. Have them pick out a book they think is fitting for the holiday and read at their desks or even have them create their own Valentine’s Day stories. Those that feel like sharing can read their story aloud to the rest of the class for a fun and creative way to celebrate.
·        Valentine’s Boxes. A fun Valentine’s craft project is to have your students decorate their Valentine’s Day boxes that will hold their valentines and candy. Your students can bring a tissue box (or save them up through the beginning of the year) and decorate them using paint, construction paper, glitter, and more. These can be done ahead of time- as they may take a while depending on the materials used to help decorate the boxes- or on the morning of Valentine’s Day for simpler decoration materials.
·        Other simple Valentine’s Day activities include coloring sheets with hearts or cupid on them, a cross word puzzle or a word search with Valentine’s related words. These are fun and will kill some time at the end of the day when they are coming down from their sugar highs.
We hope you and your students have a great Valentine’s Day and that your students enjoy these fun and simple Valentin’s Day activities. 

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