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New Year’s Resolutions for Teachers Back

New Year’s is the time for making resolutions for the next year that you may- or in most cases may not- successfully accomplish. Resolutions about your personal life are popular to make, but may be incredibly helpful in your professional life as well. All teachers want to become better at what they do. Creating a list of a few resolutions for you and your classroom may be what it takes to shake things up and strengthen yourself as a teacher.

·       Change things up- It can become easy to fall into a repetitious routine. Starting a new year is the perfect time to experiment with new lesson plans, classroom equipment and more. Kicking the year off successfully will set the mood for the rest of the year and will help you remove yourself and your students from any funk the beginning of the year, or the holidays, have left you in. Trying out new things will allow you to figure out what works best for you and your students.

·       Work smarter, not harder. Get organized at the beginning of the year and make it a resolution to remain as organized as possible. Create a schedule for yourself to help organize your time, allowing yourself to be as efficient as possible.  Planning is another big part of staying organized and will help you to work smarter instead of harder. Plan out the time you will spend on grading papers or creating lesson plans.

·       Strengthen yourself as a teacher- literally. Make a point to exercise regularly as well as get enough sleep and eat well. Taking the time to better yourself will allow you to become a better teacher as you will be at the top of your game. It is important to also make time for yourself. You need to be mentally strong as well as physically strong to be able to teach to the best of your ability.

·       Believe in yourself. You are an amazing teacher. It takes a special person to teach the future generation and you should be proud that you are one of those people. It is easy to get bummed and to worry about not being good enough. Focus all of that energy into becoming a better teacher instead of worrying if you are not.

·       Affirmations – Start your mornings out at home by doing your daily affirmations. Tell yourself that you are a fantastic teacher and that you are molding our future. Affirmations help you because over time, they will build your confidence and serve as a reminder on those rough days, that you are awesome.

Try these resolutions out in 2018, but don’t beat yourself up too hard if you fall back to old habits or do not accomplish all of these. You are a great teacher and will continue to improve as the years go on. 

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