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Behavior Management Back

Your first year of teaching can be the hardest. You have a full classroom full of young minds to shape. Behavior management issues can seem intimidating, but being prepared for those moments will go a long way to helping you. You will always be learning new ways and strategies to help you along the way, but here are a few helpful points for new teachers.

·       One of the most important things about classroom management is to address any behavior issues that happen in your classroom- do not ignore it. This may be difficult at first, but you need to keep control of your classroom. It sometimes seems like the easier route to ignore unacceptable behavior, but without addressing it, it will more than likely continue to happen.
·       Always treat all your students the same, especially when it comes to behavior management. It is important to be fair when addressing any kind of behavior. Never let behaviors go unpunished if you have not done so in the past. Consistency in action and fairness is key. You never want your students to believe that you are picking favorites between them.
·       Control your reactions. Your behavior and mood will affect those of your students. Be kind, but firm with your students and practice having the utmost patience in difficult situations so they do not escalate.
·       Never shame your students. It is important that you let your students know if their behavior is unacceptable. However, at no point should you shame your students. School is supposed to be a place where your students feel safe. They should always feel as if they can trust you and come to you in times of need.

Learning how to manage different behaviors your students will show ahead of time is a good way to get prepared. Being prepared for behavior issues and having strategies in place for those moments when they occur will save you from stressing out down the road. No matter what, it is important that you are patient and fair with all your students and never shame them for their behavior, especially if it is age appropriate. You will learn more tips and strategies over the years, but having some ideas will help you when you are first starting out in the classroom.  

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