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Tips for Avoiding Teacher Burnout Back

It is easy to experience burnout throughout the school year when you are constantly doing the same things, working long hours grading papers, and stressing out over lesson plans and parent teacher conferences. However, there are ways to combat burnout. Here are a few tips to prevent you from experiencing burnout.

·      Take care of your health- both physical and mental. Be proactive in preventing getting sick. Sanitizing both your hands and items in your classroom are a must. Be sure not to skip out on meals, exercise regularly, and that you get enough sleep every night. Taking care of your mental health is also very important. Do things for yourself to unwind like enjoying a good book or a glass of wine before you go to bed.

·      Know your limits. Teaching is a stressful job. Know when to say no to the afterschool program or helping with a new program if you are already busy and stressed out. It is better to be honest with yourself about your limits than to become even more stressed out than you already are.

·      Take a day off when needed. If you are truly feeling overwhelmed take a day off to relax and get yourself in a better frame of mind. If you cannot take the day off, take a minute for yourself before you go into work or during your lunchbreak to meditate and enjoy the short break.

·      Always focus on the positives. It may be hard some days, but having a positive attitude will help you to feel better. There is always something to be grateful for so make sure to county your blessings daily. Writing them down may help serve as a reminder on those rough days.

·      Talk to your fellow teachers. There is a good chance there are other teachers within your school feeling the same way as you are. Chat with them to see how they try to prevent getting burnt out. Not only will you get some other great ideas, but talking to a fellow teacher will help to destress you and take your mind off things.

·      Have fun! As mentioned above, teaching is a stressful day, but having fun with your job and keeping your positive attitude will go a long way in preventing burn out. Having fun and staying positive will also affect your students in positive ways.

Follow these tips and research more ways to prevent burnout. ACT hopes you have a great rest of the school year!

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