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Stay Fit During the Holidays Back

The holidays are around the corner! This time of year is filled with delicious food and sweets and long hours spent indoors, hiding from the cold weather. As a teacher, working long and stressful days around this time of year, it can be hard to make your health and fitness a top priority. That is why it is easy to pack on the pounds during this time of year. Chasing around your students may seem like enough exercise, but in order to stay fit while still indulging in your favorite holiday treats, it requires a little more effort. Here are a few tips that will help you stay fit during the holiday season.

·       Make small adjustments. During Christmas break, it is easy to become a couch potato and spend hours catching up on the latest Netflix shows while snacking on chips and popcorn. Instead of sitting on the couch, watch your favorite shows while walking on a treadmill or stretching. Or when you do have those sit on the couch days, substitute chips or popcorn with some fresh fruit or veggies.

·       Set a routine. Whether you work out twenty minutes every morning or an hour three times a week at night. If you develop a routine and stick to it, your chances of succeeding will increase.   

·       Work out at home. This will save you money on gas and you will be more than likely to take the time to work out if you do not have to go out into the cold. If you do not have access to weights or a treadmill, you can always stretch, do yoga, or other simple exercises like pushups or crunches that can be done anywhere and do not require other equipment. You can also use cans or books as light weights for toning your arms.

·       Be prepared. Lay out your workout gear the night before and know your workout schedule ahead of time. Make sure you have everything else organized and finished so that you have the extra time to dedicate to working out. Grade papers the night before, have your lesson plans done ahead of time and straighten your classroom before you leave every night.

·       Workout with a friend. Pair up with a fellow teacher and hold each other accountable. Whether that is in person, over the phone, or doing daily check ins through text.

·       Get creative. Take a dance class or use a fun game instead of a traditional workout. This will help mix things up and have you enjoying your workouts.

Happy Holidays from ACT!

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