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Ways to Encourage Reading in the Classroom Back

Back to school is around the corner. Your classroom has been decorated and lesson plans have been created. Do you have time set aside for reading? Reading is an important part of school and a skill that your students will use throughout their life. It is important, as a teacher, that you encourage your students to read and help to strengthen their reading skills. Reading is a great way for your students to learn while broadening their horizons, no matter what genre they prefer. Providing the time and resources to read in the classroom will go a long way to encouraging your students to read. Here are three ways to encourage reading in the classroom.
·       Offer various genres and topics in a classroom library. Not all students have the same tastes in books. Offering various genres and topics will encourage more students to read because it will be easier for all your students to find something they interested in. Having a variety of books in your classroom will allow students to pick up a book once finished with classwork. You can find books for your classroom library at half price stores, library sales, or yard sales.

·       Offer a safe place for students to read and relax. A reward for students finishing their work early can be access to a reading nook. Pile some pillows in a corner near your classroom library and add a lamp or two for good lighting. It’s a nice escape from their desks and allows a more relaxed environment for students to read in. Allow only a few students in the reading nook at a time so that they do not become distracted. Other students can read at their desk until it is their turn.

·       Read what your students are reading.  Stock up on some age appropriate books and give them a read. Not only will it give you things to discuss with your students, but knowing you are reading will encourage them to read more. Tell your students what you have been reading recently and recommend any books you think they may like. Recommending new stories to your students will also encourage them to read because the book comes highly recommended by their teacher.
There are many other great ways to encourage your students to read. Read aloud, start a book club, or invite authors to come speak to your class. These fun ideas will turn your students into book worms before you know it. 

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