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Stay Ahead During the Summer
Summer is the time to take a break from the classroom and do a little relaxing. Maybe take a trip to see a loved one or visit an exciting city a few states over. However, between bouts of relaxation and trips to the beach, consider taking measures to get ahead of schedule during your summer vacation. If you set a few hours aside each week, you can get a lot accomplished.

Summer is a great time to try out any new educational apps or gadgets you think you may want to bring in to your classroom next year. There are always new inventions, so if you’ve missed some during the year, now is the time to try them all. Maybe some will be great assets in your classroom while others do not function properly or will be too much of a distraction to your students. Testing them out during the summer allows you to see what will work for your teaching style and how you can incorporate them into your schedule. This stage is the perfect time to create lesson plans around anything new you want to introduce to your students.

Summer is also a great time to get organized. Throw anything you do not need away and create files for the things you decide to keep. Creating a file for any lesson plans you come up with during the summer will help you to stay organized and will help you stay ahead of the game once school starts. Make a list of all the things you need to purchase for the next school year so you won’t forget anything when the time comes to go shopping for your classroom.  These things will help when you are transitioning from summer to the new school year.

Spend this time reading up on the latest books for the age group you teach for. You will be able to talk about these with your students and they may even give you inspiration for lesson plans or discussion topics. Used bookstores or yard sales are a great place to find books for you and your classroom library. You can also use this time to take a fun teaching class or to renew your certifications. As an educator, no one knows that you never stop learning as well as you do. New classes will give you fresh ideas and activities you can use throughout the year.

Though it is a good idea to use your summer time wisely to get organized and ahead of schedule for the upcoming school year, it is important to relax as well. After all, you may be teaching future doctors, policemen, or even a future president! Relax, you’ve earned it!

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