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Going on a field trip can be an exciting break from the norm for most students… which is also why they can be a wild adventure for most teachers. In order to have a successful field trip, maintaining order and safety are key factors! Here are a few tips to improve your class adventures.


Make sure there are enough volunteers!
This cannot be stressed enough. Being understaffed can feel like you’re trying to control a little army all by yourself. When kids are not confined by the four walls of a classroom, something inside of them says, “Go over there! Let’s run over here! What’s in that room? Let’s go play over there,”. And when there are 20+ students to try to control, you’ll find that you’re spreading yourself very thin.

Make sure everyone packed their lunch!

Often times, kids will bring their lunch on a field trip, or the monetary equivalent to buy lunch once there. Unfortunately, not all field trip locations offer food, and if they do, they do not always fit the dietary needs of all students. It is important to take allergies, dietary issues, and the like into account. For this reason, it is in everyone’s best interest if the students each bring their own customized lunch.

Make sure you do regular headcounts!
Nothing is more heart-stopping than the moment you realize a student is missing. While they can often be found playing with toys in the gift shop, it is better to be safe than sorry. Conducting regular headcounts is a quick way to ensure that everyone is together and where they’re supposed to be. This should be done when getting on and off the bus, when regrouping in new areas (especially if crowded), before and after lunch, and most importantly, when leaving to go back to the school.

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