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Time to Grow! Back

Spring is the season of growth and freshness and new beginnings! Start off the season with a fun classroom project! Have each of the students grow their own Dixie cup plants! This is a fun and inexpensive project that is awesome for the whole class!

    What you’ll need:

  1. Dixie Cups: enough for each student

  2. Basic Soil

  3. Planting Seeds: can be any plant of your choosing

  4. A Well-Lit Windowsill

  5. Water

  6. Duct Tape

  7. Sharpie

You’ll begin by distributing Dixie cups to each of the students. Once each student has their cup, explain to them that you will be planting (your choice of) plants. Pour soil into their cups (½ full), and then pass out the seeds to each student. Have the students sprinkle their seeds onto the soil, and then pour soil over the seeds again (¾ full).

  • Have the students write their names on a piece of duct tape with a sharpie, and then stick the tape to their cups.
  • Once all cups are labeled, place them in a well-lit windowsill where all plants can get equal light.
  • Finally, water each plant, and watch them grow! While it may seem like a slow process, the students will love watching their plants grow, and you can even make a competition on whose plant grows the most!
​Happy Growing!

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