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3 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Special for Everyone Back

As Valentine’s Day approaches, teachers know better than anyone how important it is to make sure all of your kids feel special.


Here are a few ways to ensure your whole class feels included on this holiday:

  1. Valentine’s Day Bingo

    All of your students will love this fun and easy way to feel involved! Start by instructing the students to fill out their own bingo cards with Valentine related words of their choosing; ex. love, best friends, heart. Next, pass out mini heart-shaped candies for them to cover their squares with. Consider passing out little prizes to the winners, and reward all of them by letting them eat the candy off their bingo cards!


    2. Secret Admirer

    Valentine’s Day is about spreading kindness and love! However, some children in your class may feel too shy to do so causing them to feel left out of the holiday fun. Counteract this by having everyone in the class randomly draw another student’s name out of a hat. Then, have each student anonymously write something kind about the student whose name they drew. It can be a compliment about anything, so make sure they get creative! When they’re all done, pin the notes to a bulletin board so all of the students can see the great things that someone said about them.


3. Get Crafty

    For most students, much of the excitement that stems from Valentine’s Day is knowing that they’ll get to celebrate with some awesome arts and crafts! Get your whole class together to make a poster about what Valentine’s Day means to them. To begin, roll out a giant piece of poster paper on the floor. Next, pass out pink, red, and purple markers to the students. Have each of them find a space on the poster, and then...get crafty! You’ll end up with an amazing class mural full of artwork that you made as a team. Proudly display this in the room, and marvel in the Valentine’s Day fun!


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