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Helpful Tips for Lesson Planning Back

As the year ticks by, it seems like teachers have more and more added to their plate. Planning for a lesson can be so stressful especially when it comes to preparing for tests and projects. The curriculum gets harder and so does your schedule. With the last few weeks coming before we part for Christmas Break, we wanted to share some types on how to make lesson planning a less stressful event. Here are some helpful hints we have found from other teachers across the nation on how to make better use of your time:

​1. Start with this simple outline: What do I want students to learn? What teaching and learning activities will I use? How will I check for understanding?

2. Recruit a volunteer to help with the prep work that goes behind each lesson. Find a good day during the week that works best for you and the volunteer so she/he can help bypass that step of planning.

3. Organize lessons into a tub seperating them out by topic or subject. You can always put a sticky note on the front to help you or your volunteer remember what set is for what week. Placing a basic outline of your plans within a file folder also will save you a bunch of time. Not everything needs to be written down on the outline, just a summary of your thoughts to make this step easier.

4. Create a realistic timeline for yourself. Estimate how much time each activity will take, then plan some extra time in there for each. Don't get upset or frustrated when not all items on the list are completed.

5. Lastly, use this time to build on previous material. If you remember an activity or lesson that really helped and encouraged your students to do better, create something that ties it all together. Sometimes this makes it easier for the students to grasp, which eleviates the amount of stress you take on ultimately leading up to a win, win situation!

​Happy Decemeber and good luck with the rest of this year!


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