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Time for Thanksgiving Back

This time of year can really get the best of you. With the end of the semester coming, you know there are so many deadlines to meet and little minds to grow before you all part for the holidays. To give and your students a break, plan a fun Thanksgiving themed day in your school’s computer lab with this exciting lesson plan.

Not only will this work for Social Studies or History, it will also help them with their technology skills. With this lesson, the students will be able to learn all about the “First Thanksgiving”. Some of the objectives include:

1.      Learn about the role historians play in the collection of dissemination of history.

2.      Use their knowledge of the “First Thanksgiving” to create a museum exhibit of their own.

3.      Learn about the facts and myths that surround the “First Thanksgiving” ( the harvest celebration of 1621 at Plymouth Colony.

4.      Complete a quiz after viewing the entire “Investigate the First Thanksgiving” website.

Throughout the site, students can find facts or myths about the 1621 harvest celebration, read the actual letter colonists wrote about the celebration, learn about the Wamponoag people and the English Colonists.

After they have done all their research and you make your way back to class, continue on with this theme and make it into an English or Language Arts lesson. Two birds with one stone! Have the students write down in their journals what all they learned, their favorite parts of the story and what they are thankful for.

If you would like to do more, you can even create a fun arts and crafts session. Have them color or design pilgrims while they create a village for them. After everyone is complete and if you have some extra time, do a quick show-n-tell.

The students will love this small break after all the hard work they have put into every week leading up to this time.

Now go on and enjoy your week off! Take this time to reflect and revitalize. Only a few more weeks until Christmas break!

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