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Pump-kin it Up! Back

It’s October and you know what that means… Halloween! What a fun time of year for all ages. We know that students are fired up about everything that comes along with this holiday. From costumes, to spooky stories to pumpkins, there is so much joy to be had with your little ones. Let’s “pump” up the classroom with these pumpkin based activities.
1.     Language Arts, Reading and Writing: Place one or more pumpkins in view of the students. Ask them to contribute a list of words to describe the pumpkin. Students can write metaphors or similes using words that describe the object.
2.     Math: Students can pick up to three pumpkins, one at a time and predict the weights of each (heaviest, middle, lightest). Teachers, invite them to record their predictions then weigh the pumpkins. Do their predictions match the weight? Encourage the students to create a chart to organize the information they found.
3.     Science: Students in grades K-2 will enjoy the read aloud story Mousekin’s Golden House by Edna Miller. After reading the story, place a hollowed pumpkin outside in a protected place and observe the changes throughout the weeks. Have the children keep a journal of their observations.
4.     Social Studies: This is the perfect time for students to explore the history behind a pumpkin. Have them research and keep a journal of all the information they find about pumpkins or jack-o-lanterns.
Have fun exploring these options with the kiddos! Happy Halloween from all of us to you!

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